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The legal office, through a tested network of professionals, offers a free consultancy service, provided with particular attention to rights of persons with disabilities and civil law in all its aspects.

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A team of lawyers available for members who want to see their rights recognized, sometimes not respected. The Legal Advice Service provides support and guidance to the citizen, where he needs the defense of expert professionals. The consulting service offered is free of charge. It pays particular attention to the rights of persons with disabilities and to civil law in all its aspects.


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It was the most revered category in the Republic. He drew the maps of power, he participated and contributed to the boom of Italy at the turn of the two centuries.

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Modern Western criminal law finds its political and cultural foundations for a large part in the period of the Enlightenment of 1700. Until the eighteenth century there is no certain codification of crimes, sanctions and procedural discipline. Learn More

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The use of alternative materials such as graphene (carbon nanotubes) and molybdenum disulfide will therefore extend the life of Moore’s law far beyond what is expected? . Learn More

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The structure also operates according to the principles of the professional law and plays a prominent role in the strategic activities of the ASP as it normally has the representation, legal aid and legal assistance of the Company before all the jurisdictions, including the offices for alternative dispute resolution and provides advice, including through the expression of legal advice and guidance to the company management and to any other body (CAVS etc …) or subject legitimated to the related request.

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In direct and exclusive connection to the General Management, operates the Complex Operating Unit, Legal Service.

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The interested party can produce, on the facts relevant for the purposes of the judgment, statements by third parties, able to testify, issued to the lawyer, who, upon identification, certifies their authenticity.

Shah Paran

Actually, attempts have already been made to include written testimony in the civil trial, but the system is very cumbersome and has not taken off.

Julia Rose

This is the effect of the law decree on civil justice, approved by the Council of Ministers on 29 August 2014, which, pending the organic reform of the process (a draft law is dedicated to it), provides some adjustments with the objective of accelerate the processes, also by means of the official transposition of the cases from the ordinary rite to the summary rite.

Alex Stewart

Recent News

Lawyers and free legal aid: fairer fees

The institute of legal aid , also known as legal aid , is provided for by Italian law in order to implement the provisions of art. 24 of the Constitution, that is to assure to the inadequate the means to act and defend themselves before any jurisdiction.

The institute is completely regulated by the Consolidated Act on justice expenses (presidential decree 115/2002) which deals with defining the requirements and conditions for admission, the procedures for submitting the application for admission as well as, inter alia , the ways in which lawyers who perform their work can be paid fees and expenses.
A theme, the latter, particularly sensitive and delicate and on which the most recent jurisprudence of legitimacy and merit has repeatedly returned to provide explanations, clarifications and guidelines.
On the contrary, confirming the relevance of the subject, we also note the proposed reform proposed by the National Forensic Council and presented in Rome on 21 February to guarantee greater inclusion and effectiveness, as well as protection of the right of defense.
Read: Free patronage: the reform proposal of the CNF

Free patronage: the clarifications of the Ministry

At the beginning of the year it was the Ministry of Justice , with a circular dated January 10th, to consider having to provide clarifications regarding the interpretation and application of art. 83 of Presidential Decree 115/2002, responding to some reports.

Read Free legal aid: the lawyer must be paid quickly

For the dicastery, the law aims to speed up the settlement of the fees due to the lawyer for the defensive activity given in favor of the party admitted to state sponsorship. It is clarified, however, that the provision for the payment of the payment (payment decree) must be issued by a separate deed and separate from the provision that defines the judgment.
According to the Ministry, moreover, it can not share the practice of some judicial offices which, in relation to the application for liquidation of the legal fees, require the financial office to ascertain the actual income situation of the assisted party, referring to the outcome of the same adoption of the payment decree.

Still on the subject of legal aid , the Ministry of Justice itself (circular 8 June 2018) recently clarified that, in the procedure for the compensation of tax debts as per Ministerial Decree of July 15, 2016, credits that are paid in favor of lawyers must also be admitted. office defenders for the activities carried out in the criminal trial, where these fail to collect them due to unavailability of the client or after having successfully completed the procedures for the recovery of professional credits (for further details: Lawyers of the office: unpaid compensated fees ).

The decree-law: definition, procedure and terms of validity

statue of lady liberty holding the scales of justice

The decree-law is a normative act governed by art. 77 of our Constitution, which in some ways acts as an “alternative” to state law. Let’s find out more.

What is the decree law

The decree-law is a provision of a temporary nature, which is deliberated by the Government (and issued by the President of the Republic) in extraordinary cases of necessity and urgency .

The decree law comes into force, with the force of law (1), just published in the Official Gazette (without waiting for the “canons” 15 days of vacatio ) and has a validity of 60 days , after which automatically lapses – with effect ex tunc – if in the meantime it is not converted into law by Parliament. 

In order to protect the legal relationships that may have arisen on the basis of the provisions contained in a decree that has not been converted, the Chambers can deliberate laws that preserve certain effects of the latter (see Article 77, paragraph 3 of the Constitution).

It should finally be remembered that the second part of the Doctrine could not be regulated by decree-law the matters referred to in art. 72, paragraph 4 of the Constitution, for which the so-called “reserve of assembly” is envisaged.

Emergency decree: abuse and distortion

Unfortunately, in republican practice, the use of the decree law has become almost the rule over the years, rather than the exception. Often, governments have used this tool even in the absence of obvious assumptions of necessity and urgency. 

Another “aberration” of the legislative decree is then represented by the practice of reiteration : the custom, that is, by the Government to repeatedly re- decree-lawfrom the virtually identical content – with the exception of minimal variations – to those that are about to expire or have just expired, so that the term of sixty days will elapse again for their conversion. In the 90s, even, there were cases of decrees re-proposed for more than 20 consecutive times, without ever being converted into law! Until, in 1996, sentence no. 360 of the Constitutional Court declared this practice illegitimate. 

On the other hand it is also true that the “elefantiache” times of the Italian Parliament seem sometimes to want to paralyze political activity for entire legislatures. It is indeed to remedy the exhausting blackberries of the parliamentary legislative process that is often played by the jokerof the law decree. Thus ending, as in a vicious circle, to make the time of ordinary lawmaking even longer, engulfed by the activities of discussing and approving all-encompassing large decrees.

Not to be confused with the legislative decree …

Sometimes, in the spoken language, it can happen to make confusion between the decree and the legislative decree – which represents, instead, a different explanation of the normative power attributed to the Government. 

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