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The legal office, through a tested network of professionals, offers a free consultancy service, provided with particular attention to rights of persons with disabilities and civil law in all its aspects.

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A team of lawyers available for members who want to see their rights recognized, sometimes not respected. The Legal Advice Service provides support and guidance to the citizen, where he needs the defense of expert professionals. The consulting service offered is free of charge. It pays particular attention to the rights of persons with disabilities and to civil law in all its aspects.


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It was the most revered category in the Republic. He drew the maps of power, he participated and contributed to the boom of Italy at the turn of the two centuries.

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Modern Western criminal law finds its political and cultural foundations for a large part in the period of the Enlightenment of 1700. Until the eighteenth century there is no certain codification of crimes, sanctions and procedural discipline. Learn More

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The use of alternative materials such as graphene (carbon nanotubes) and molybdenum disulfide will therefore extend the life of Moore’s law far beyond what is expected? . Learn More

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The structure also operates according to the principles of the professional law and plays a prominent role in the strategic activities of the ASP as it normally has the representation, legal aid and legal assistance of the Company before all the jurisdictions, including the offices for alternative dispute resolution and provides advice, including through the expression of legal advice and guidance to the company management and to any other body (CAVS etc …) or subject legitimated to the related request.

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In direct and exclusive connection to the General Management, operates the Complex Operating Unit, Legal Service.

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The interested party can produce, on the facts relevant for the purposes of the judgment, statements by third parties, able to testify, issued to the lawyer, who, upon identification, certifies their authenticity.

Shah Paran

Actually, attempts have already been made to include written testimony in the civil trial, but the system is very cumbersome and has not taken off.

Julia Rose

This is the effect of the law decree on civil justice, approved by the Council of Ministers on 29 August 2014, which, pending the organic reform of the process (a draft law is dedicated to it), provides some adjustments with the objective of accelerate the processes, also by means of the official transposition of the cases from the ordinary rite to the summary rite.

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All that you wanted to know about family law

Family law is based upon cases which deal with legal issues pertaining to domestic connection between individuals. These individuals are either related by blood or by marriage. However, domestic law may also concern those who are living together or are loosely related. Usually family law cases are emotionally over whelming, this is why you need advice from skilled family lawyers in Gold Coast.

A majority of cases deal with the end of a marriage or a partnership. A family lawyer can help clients file for divorce, alimony, child custody and division of assets. People who have been in marriage for a short while can simply file for annulment.

When it comes to matters of property division, different states have different law. Couples who have opted for a prenuptial agreement can opt out of these laws and the property and financial support is distributed accordingly.

Individuals who undergo emotional and physical abuse can also file cases under family law. Domestic violence is not just contained to spouses or children, the elderly in the family might be victim to domestic abuse as well.

In case of contested cases it is advisable to hire the best family lawyer in Gold Coast. A skilled lawyer would be able to uncover hidden assets which the opponent might have. Plus they might even help clients reach a settlement which is the easiest way to avoid any emotional issues when dealing with divorce proceedings.

Family law pertaining to parental rights and obligations

All parents are concerned regarding the safety, education and the wellbeing of their child. A messy divorce can make a custody issue even more critical. This is a time when parents become distrustful of one another. The decision then rests on the judge to make a decision which is in best interest of the child.

The judge can allot custody to a single parent or could even issue joint custody of the child. There is a set schedule which allows the child to spend some time with the noncustodial parent. This time is usually allotted for holidays and vacations from school. Care is taken not to disrupt the child’s schedule and cause them further trauma.

Parents are expected to provide complete financial support to the child. The amount is decided based on the income of both the parents. A child support worksheet helps make the task easier for the legal fraternity and ensures that things stay fair. Child custody and support orders can be subject to modifications. There could be an alteration in visitation rights and child support. The party who would require these changes should be able to prove a change in their circumstances. Loss of employment, moving or accident can be reasons for modifications.

There are several other things which come under family law. These include complete termination of parental rights. Adoption issues are taken up in court as well, plus any domestic issues involving gay or LGBT couples pertain to family law as well.

Presenting Yourself for Deposition

Have you been presented with a notice for deposition? Are you wondering how it might affect you? There are bound to be several questions in your mind. Lawyers Gold Coast have the following words of advice for those facing a deposition.

A deposition refers to a formal and recorded question and answer session which takes place when an individual is under oath to tell the truth. The purpose of the deposition is to gather facts from the knowledge which a person has regarding a certain issue and using I as a testimonial when and if the need arises.

The person who asks the questions is known as the examiner. They may ask you a number of questions which aim to gather information which would help their client win the case. Even if you are not party to the law suit, it doesn’t matter. Any individual can be called upon for a deposition and it’s an obligation to attend that deposition.

Though it might feel over whelming being in the interrogation seat, the following tips from lawyers in Gold Coast would help make the procedure a bit more smooth sailing.

  • If you are not party to the law suit, it’s wise to hire an attorney who could help you protect your rights during the interrogation. They would also help prepare you for the interrogation by asking questions which the examiner would ask.
  • Your attorney would guide you with the proper etiquettes of attending the deposition. It is important to appear confident and maintain eye contact.
  • Since you would be placed under oath it is necessary to speak the truth. If you aren’t too sure about a certain question be open about it instead of saying whatever comes to your mind.
  • Make sure all your responses are oral. Avoid nodding of the head and the usual uh huhs. These are difficult for the court reporter to transcribe. You can take a long as you want to form a coherent reply. There should be no pressure.
  • Only answer what has been asked of you. Avoid going into unnecessary details. If a question is unclear you can always ask the examiner to rephrase it.
  • Only answer what you know. Your answers should be on what you saw heard ad observed. Do not make the mistake of falling into assumptions. Keep to the facts and you won’t go wrong. Avoid stating your opinion regarding the matter.
  • If at some point you are unable to recall the specifics, make sure you say that. Tell the examiner that you can’t really recall the events which occurred. Do not feel defensive or apologetic to questions which you can’t answer. You are only required to speak the truth and nothing else.
  • Make sure to check out a document on which you are being examined. It is your basic right and you should have some idea about what you are being asked. Refrain from answering questions about a document you have no knowledge of.

Keeping the above points in mind can help the deposition be a smooth process without any problems.

Lawyers and free legal aid: fairer fees

The institute of legal aid , also known as legal aid , is provided for by Italian law in order to implement the provisions of art. 24 of the Constitution, that is to assure to the inadequate the means to act and defend themselves before any jurisdiction.

The institute is completely regulated by the Consolidated Act on justice expenses (presidential decree 115/2002) which deals with defining the requirements and conditions for admission, the procedures for submitting the application for admission as well as, inter alia , the ways in which lawyers who perform their work can be paid fees and expenses.
A theme, the latter, particularly sensitive and delicate and on which the most recent jurisprudence of legitimacy and merit has repeatedly returned to provide explanations, clarifications and guidelines.
On the contrary, confirming the relevance of the subject, we also note the proposed reform proposed by the National Forensic Council and presented in Rome on 21 February to guarantee greater inclusion and effectiveness, as well as protection of the right of defense.
Read: Free patronage: the reform proposal of the CNF

Free patronage: the clarifications of the Ministry

At the beginning of the year it was the Ministry of Justice , with a circular dated January 10th, to consider having to provide clarifications regarding the interpretation and application of art. 83 of Presidential Decree 115/2002, responding to some reports.

Read Free legal aid: the lawyer must be paid quickly

For the dicastery, the law aims to speed up the settlement of the fees due to the lawyer for the defensive activity given in favor of the party admitted to state sponsorship. It is clarified, however, that the provision for the payment of the payment (payment decree) must be issued by a separate deed and separate from the provision that defines the judgment.
According to the Ministry, moreover, it can not share the practice of some judicial offices which, in relation to the application for liquidation of the legal fees, require the financial office to ascertain the actual income situation of the assisted party, referring to the outcome of the same adoption of the payment decree.

Still on the subject of legal aid , the Ministry of Justice itself (circular 8 June 2018) recently clarified that, in the procedure for the compensation of tax debts as per Ministerial Decree of July 15, 2016, credits that are paid in favor of lawyers must also be admitted. office defenders for the activities carried out in the criminal trial, where these fail to collect them due to unavailability of the client or after having successfully completed the procedures for the recovery of professional credits (for further details: Lawyers of the office: unpaid compensated fees ).

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