People hire a private investigator or detective for many different reasons. Every time someone needs information, a Private Investigator can provide a valuable service.

The life of a detective or private investigator could seem “of a film” on many occasions, full of glamour, incredible crime scenes and significant cases. Sometimes it may be like that, but the reality is something different.

The beginning of a detective

Once a detective is prepared legally and formative, he can begin his professional career. There are several ways to practice the profession. They can start by setting up a new agency, but this is not normal for a beginner. They lack funds, experience, and contacts. The usual thing is that the professional began his career working for an agency, either with a contract or autonomously. In this last way, they have the freedom to work for several agencies simultaneously or for themselves, and thus be able to acquire more experience.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages

  • The work is challenging and exciting.
  • A specialised private investigator or detective can earn a lot of money.
  • The best investigators can hire investigators or detectives to do the real work for them.
  • There are many research areas in which they can specialise.
  • They can be their boss.

The disadvantages

  • The private investigator should write reports frequently, and they should be of professional quality.
  • It is possible that he has to work long, irregular and lonely hours while performing surveillance tasks.
  • Some areas of private investigation can be potentially dangerous.
  • Strong competition is expected for most jobs.
  • It can be difficult to be taken seriously when they are starting.

Customer type

The clients will depend on the private research area in which he chooses to specialise. In general terms, however, customers will be people or organisations that want information about specific people or things, or who want information collected for a specific purpose.

What skills does a person need to be a private detective?

There are several qualities necessary to be a good private detective. The first of all is to have a certain degree of “value.” With fear, a person cannot become a good detective because they have to continually face situations of high stress.

Other qualities are observation and the ability to analyse, to look at all the details and draw the right conclusions. Only by interrelating the pieces in the right way can the puzzle be solved.

Finally, they must consider another quality that is not usually taken into account in the world of research, and that nevertheless, is essential. This quality is creativity. No case is the same as another, so it is necessary to be creative to know how to approach each specific case and solve it.

When the client raises the case, the first thing the private detective must do is think and exercise lateral thinking. Only then will it be possible to find the method to get the information or proof that is needed.

Although it is evident, it must be remembered that it can only be done in a valid and legal way. Otherwise, the investigation would be useless.

In short, the profession of a private detective is, at present, a fully regulated profession. It is the only professional that can conduct research of a private nature, and there is a growing demand for its services by companies and individuals.

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