Situations in Hervey Bay such as your employees being pirated by a competitor, or a breached contract from a contractor need help from lawyers, Hervey Bay. Yet, what type of lawyer do you need with this kind of situation? Do you just consult with top-rated lawyers, Hervey Bay, only to be told that they don’t handle your particular legal problem?

As with everything else in the world today, specialisation in the legal industry is also happening. It means that legal issues you face today need help from a lawyer specialising in that particular problem.

With this said, knowing the types of lawyers, Hervey Bay puts you on the right track if and when you need legal help.

The most common legal problems that are handled by specialty lawyers include:

Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

A worker’s compensation lawyer is what you need if you sustained injuries in the workplace or during work. The unique laws applied to injuries while on the job are the specialisation of worker’s compensation lawyers.

Estate Planning Lawyer

An estate planning lawyer is the perfect legal expert to hire when you want to think about the handling of your assets when you pass, or make advanced medical directives, or just want to execute a will. It’s best to hire local firms to handle your estate planning for their understanding of local laws and regulations.

Real Estate Lawyer

Transfer documents, mortgages, purchase agreements, and title documents are the specialisation of real estate lawyers. They represent everyone involved in real estate including tenants, landlords, individual sellers and buyers, and developers. Any situation that involves real estate buying and selling needs the services of a real estate lawyer.

Family Law Lawyer

All kinds of family situations from divorce, or prenuptial agreement, or adoption are handled by a family law lawyer. Effective communication with parties, documentation, and pleadings regarding family law matters are better left in the care of a family law lawyer.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Negligence of a company or another person resulting in injuries is the issue handled best by a personal injury lawyer. A contingent fee basis or no win, no fee agreement is usually the basis of the relationship between a client and a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury claims commonly involve fall and slip accidents and car accidents.

Employment Law Lawyer

An employment law lawyer is needed by both employers and employees to deal with workplace-related legalities. Workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, retaliation, and workplace harassment are typical legal issues handled by an employment law lawyer.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Trade secrets, copyrights, patents, trademarks, and the like of inventors and artists are the line of specialised expertise of intellectual property lawyers. A lot of time is spent by intellectual property lawyers with their clients to ensure proper protection under the law as well as prevent them from infringing upon other people’s rights.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Repayment plans or discharges of all debts are the legal help extended by bankruptcy lawyers to clients that are unable to pay their debts or experiencing financial setbacks. Credit card debt, medical debt, and mortgage foreclosure are the most common reasons for people to seek help from bankruptcy lawyers.

The specialisation in the legal field happening today provides people with many options in their choice of lawyer. Contact us to know more about the different types of lawyers in Hervey Bay.