Family law is based upon cases which deal with legal issues pertaining to domestic connection between individuals. These individuals are either related by blood or by marriage. However, domestic law may also concern those who are living together or are loosely related. Usually family law cases are emotionally over whelming, this is why you need advice from skilled family lawyers in Gold Coast.

A majority of cases deal with the end of a marriage or a partnership. A family lawyer can help clients file for divorce, alimony, child custody and division of assets. People who have been in marriage for a short while can simply file for annulment.

When it comes to matters of property division, different states have different law. Couples who have opted for a prenuptial agreement can opt out of these laws and the property and financial support is distributed accordingly.

Individuals who undergo emotional and physical abuse can also file cases under family law. Domestic violence is not just contained to spouses or children, the elderly in the family might be victim to domestic abuse as well.

In case of contested cases it is advisable to hire the best family lawyer in Gold Coast. A skilled lawyer would be able to uncover hidden assets which the opponent might have. Plus they might even help clients reach a settlement which is the easiest way to avoid any emotional issues when dealing with divorce proceedings.

Family law pertaining to parental rights and obligations

All parents are concerned regarding the safety, education and the wellbeing of their child. A messy divorce can make a custody issue even more critical. This is a time when parents become distrustful of one another. The decision then rests on the judge to make a decision which is in best interest of the child.

The judge can allot custody to a single parent or could even issue joint custody of the child. There is a set schedule which allows the child to spend some time with the noncustodial parent. This time is usually allotted for holidays and vacations from school. Care is taken not to disrupt the child’s schedule and cause them further trauma.

Parents are expected to provide complete financial support to the child. The amount is decided based on the income of both the parents. A child support worksheet helps make the task easier for the legal fraternity and ensures that things stay fair. Child custody and support orders can be subject to modifications. There could be an alteration in visitation rights and child support. The party who would require these changes should be able to prove a change in their circumstances. Loss of employment, moving or accident can be reasons for modifications.

There are several other things which come under family law. These include complete termination of parental rights. Adoption issues are taken up in court as well, plus any domestic issues involving gay or LGBT couples pertain to family law as well.