An insurance broker sits in the middle between your insurance needs and the insurance company; helping you to navigate through the insurance coverage or claiming process with ease. There are several important roles that an insurance broker will play in getting you covered and also following up on your claim. Here are a few roles played by the insurance brokers in New Zealand:

Five ways that insurance brokers can help you with your insurance needs

Assessing your needs:

As a client, you may not have a clear picture of what you are protecting yourself against. Therefore, the insurance broker helps you to evaluate factors such as liabilities, risks and budget constraints that can help in determining the most appropriate cover for you. This helps to eliminate the case where you insure yourself against a wrong risk and end up being hit by another that will not make your claim valid.

Research options:

Once you get a genuine insurance broker, you can sit and relax, as they will carry out other important assignments for you! Once they take in your requirements, they will have to research from the market a suitable insurance provider with proper policies that can meet your requirements.

Negotiate on your behalf:

An insurance broker must negotiate on your behalf with the insurer to get the most favourable terms for the policies. Here, they use their expertise knowledge and their relationships with the insurers to see to it that you get decent insurance policy terms.

Managing paperwork:

Filling insurance applications and other paperwork requires high levels of accuracy and precision, as any slight mistake could cost you your claim. Fortunately, insurance brokers are experts in filling those forms and can guarantee maximum accuracy while observing the rules on each page.

Provide ongoing support:

Insurance policies require constant renewals and are subject to coverage changes. Thus, an insurance broker has to stick around and provide ongoing support as required throughout the insurance lifecycle. They also play a crucial role when it comes to claim processing.

What do you save by hiring an insurance broker?


Time is of great essence to any businessperson and needs to be managed well. By assigning insurance coverage to a broker, you are simply releasing one of the time-consuming elements in a business, allowing you to put your concentration and focus on other crucial business processes.


When you go through the insurance cover yourself without an expert’s help, you are likely to spend a lot on expensive insurance policies. Insurance brokers help you to save money by ensuring that you choose the most cost-effective insurance solutions according to your needs.


You will not have to move around looking for insurance companies and negotiating with them because the broker will get you covered in everything.

Peace of mind:

It is also relieving knowing that all your insurance concerns are taken care of by an expert and this gives you peace of mind. Thus, you can give your full focus on other business processes and ensure maximum productivity.

Expert insurance brokers in NZ are crucial entities that sit between you and the insurance company, helping you with tasks such as assessing your needs, researching options, negotiating on your behalf, managing paperwork and providing ongoing support. You benefit from the services of an insurance broker by saving time, cost, and effort, and attaining peace of mind.