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1/21/2010 - Posted by:
Law Offices of Christopher J. McCann
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A Good Lawyer Will Do What Needs To Be Done To Prove Your Alibi!

Mr. McCann’s client was charged with multiple counts of fraud through the use of stolen credit cards. Due to the ineptitude of the federal investigator working the case, the case was not filed until 9 months after the incident, leaving the client with no memory of where she was the day the alleged fraud occurred. After a thorough investigation, Mr. McCann uncovered how a merchant mistakenly connected the client’s computer records to one of the fraudulent purchases. In addition, Mr. McCann was able to show through medical and pharmacy records that the client had a doctor’s appointment for her sick baby, and thus had an airtight alibi for the times during which the fraudulent purchases were made. After presenting this evidence to the district attorney, the case was dismissed.
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