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1/21/2010 - Posted by:
Law Offices of Christopher J. McCann
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A Good Lawyer Gets Witnesses Into Court Even If It Means Driving Them Yourself!

Mr. McCann’s client and two neighbors were charged with felony Assault With a Deadly Weapon (Penal Code § 245(a)(1)) with a special allegation that great bodily injury was inflicted thereby making the charge a “strike”. The client had come home and found his girlfriend moving out and several strangers (one of whom included the complaining witness, a 300 lb. violent methamphetamine addict with a long rap sheet) removing the client’s property. The client, with the help of his two neighbors, asked the man to leave. When the man reacted violently, a scuffle ensued, leaving the man with serious facial lacerations and bruising. Mr. McCann was able to locate, and bring into court, witnesses and victims from the complaining witness’s prior arrests to show his violent character and history of methamphetamine use. In addition, Mr. McCann brought in character witnesses and evidence to show his client was a peaceful, law-abiding person who acted in self-defense. The jury came back quickly and acquitted all three defendants.
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