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Gary L. Griner, Attorney at Law
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Gary L. Griner, Attorney at Law
Gary Griner

2827 Lincoln Way East
Mishawaka IN 46544
(574) 255-1776

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Gary L. Griner, Attorney at Law

I can help you with-

Criminal Defense

Drunk Driving/Operating While Intoxicated/OWI/DUI

Driver's License Suspensions

Traffic Violations

Criminal Appeals

Please Call: 574-255-1776

I try to provide personal, professional, and aggressive representation to all of my clients. I am a former deputy prosecutor and public defender. Initial consultations are always free and completely confidential. You’ll know what my fees are before you are obligated.

In many cases, dealing with the legal system is overwhelming. What does all this paperwork mean? How much will all of this cost me? Am I going to jail? What are my rights and is anyone on my side? Let me help relieve some of your anxiety and answer some of your questions.

In all cases, my first job is to listen to your perspective and goals. Then I obtain as much information as possible regarding your situation, answer your questions, identify legal issues and alternatives. From there, I will work to obtain the most favorable resolution available and zealously advocate for you at trial or other hearings.

At a minimum, I will ensure that the system treats you fairly. In the best case scenario, I will achieve your goals or take your case to trial and win. I will always do my best to be competent, honest, and easy to talk to.

Please Call: 574-255-1776


For several years I was a deputy prosecuting attorney. In that position, I handled thousands of criminal cases for the State of Indiana. I prosecuted everything from traffic infractions, to misdemeanors, to the most serious felonies. Now, I represent individuals who are accused of crimes.

In the best case scenario, I will convince the prosecutor to dismiss the charges or take your case to trial and win. In other cases I will negotiate a favorable plea bargain. At a minimum, I will help to ensure that the system treats you fairly.

The constitutions of the United States and the State of Indiana guarantee you certain rights as a criminal defendant. Some of those rights include:

1. The right to remain silent. You cannot be forced to plead guilty or to make any self incriminating statement. This applies in court and when you are questioned by police and investigators.

2. The right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. Generally, the authorities must have a search warrant to enter your home or other place of privacy.

3. The right to an attorney. At all stages of your case you have the right to be represented by an attorney. If you are unable to afford counsel, the Court should appoint a public defender.

4. The right to trial by jury.

5. The right to a speedy, public trial.

6. The right to confront and cross-examine witnesses against you.

7. The right to compel witnesses to appear and testify on your behalf.

8. The right to reasonable bail.

9. The right to appeal a conviction.


I can help you with the following:

all Indiana traffic violations, misdemeanors, and felonies

operating while intoxicated (owi)/driving under the influence (dui)/driving while intoxicated (dwi)

drunk driving/drugged driving

driving while suspended (dws)/habitual traffic violator (htv)

reckless driving/speeding/all traffic violations

battery/domestic battery/aggravated battery

theft/forgery/fraud/conversion/check deception

robbery/burglary/armed robbery

resisting law enforcement/escape

murder/attempted murder

investigations - don't talk to the police without a lawyer

bond reduction

plea bargaining/negotiated dismissal

pre-trial diversion

suppression of evidence/invalid search warrants/involuntary confessions

motion to dismiss

jury trial

sentence modification/post-conviction relief

driver's license suspensions/probationary licenses/license reinstatement


Every person convicted of a crime in Indiana has the right to appeal. If you were found guilty at trial, you can appeal the conviction and the sentence. If you were convicted based upon a guilty plea, you have the right to appeal the sentence.


The Indiana Court of Appeals is not like a trial court. It does not see or hear witnesses. There is no jury. The Court of Appeals only reviews the trial court record. In many cases there is no court date – everything is done on paper. If there is a court hearing, it will only involve legal argument.


There are several different bases for an appeal. That you were not happy with the result in the trial court is not a valid basis; there must be a legal reason for bringing the appeal. Common grounds for an appeal include: admission of improper evidence, erroneous jury instructions, denial of motion to suppress evidence, insufficient evidence, and procedural errors.


The appeals process usually takes several months. You will have to begin serving the sentence while the appeal is pending.


It is very important to assert your appellate rights in a timely manner. Generally, you must file a notice of appeal within thirty (30) days after the date of sentencing. If you are late, you may lose your right to appeal.

Criminal Penalties

Indiana Criminal Penalties







Class C

0 – 60 days

$0 - $500



Class B

0 – 180 days

$0 - $1,000




Class A

0 – 365 days

$0 - $5,000



Class D

6 months – 3 years

$0 - $10,000


Class C

2 years – 8 years

$0 - $10,000




Class B

6 years – 20 years

$0 - $10,000



Class A

20 years – 50 years

$0 - $10,000




45 years – 65 years

$0 - $10,000

Mishawaka IN Criminal Defense Lawyer

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