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The Law Office of Jeff Manciagli
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The Law Office of Jeff Manciagli
Jeff Manciagli

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Atlanta GA 30324
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The Law Office of Jeff Manciagli

Please Call : 770-234-9744

Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney

 If you get arrested for a crime in Atlanta, it is advisable to begin looking for an Atlanta criminal defense attorney to protect your rights in court immediately. Being arrested is usually the low point in someone's life. The overwhelming dread of the situation you find yourself in when the handcuffs get placed on your wrists and you take that ride to jail is pure misery. At this moment you may feel completely helpless, and even convince yourself that you are going to jail for a long time and that there is nothing you can do about it. There is, though. When you obtain the services of an Atlanta criminal defense attorney, you are protecting yourself from the prosecution, who will often seek the maximum sentence for what you are being charged with. When you have an aggressive and ambitious Atlanta criminal attorney fighting for your rights, a positive outcome becomes more than just possible.

In a big city like Atlanta, you will find many criminal defense law firms. When your life is in turmoil from your recent arrest, finding the best Atlanta defense attorney to represent you can be a very challenging task to say the least. Many lawyers will assure you they are the best person to represent them in their case, when in reality they have no experience in the case that is being tried. As an Atlanta criminal attorney who has practiced for almost 20 years, I have handled every type of criminal case and possess experience and knowledge in every facet of criminal law. If you visit me in my office and I know an attorney that is better suited to your case, I will not hesitate to let you know that and provide you with their contact information. While this is not something that happens regularly, if it is in the best interest of the person consulting with me, I will do what is best for them.

As a law firm that specializes in criminal defense, I have successfully defended many clients charged with violent crimes, DUI, drug charges, white collar crimes, domestic violence, theft crimes, weapons charges, federal crimes, sex crimes and probation violations, including others.

Criminal cases can be very complicated. Sometimes even the smallest detail imaginable may affect the outcome of your case. When you retain the services of an experienced Atlanta criminal lawyer, these details can be thoroughly examined. No item will be overlooked, regardl ess of how trivial it might seem to another attorney or the district attorney who is prosecuting you. It would surprise most people how often the tables can be turned in a criminal case as a result of one seemingly insignificant piece of evidence.

When you have me as an Atlanta criminal lawyer representing you in a court of law, I will fight for you. I will not lie down and let the state of Georgia run you over. The state attorney has an endless supply of criminal cases to try and they can often be worn down by an aggressive Atlanta criminal defense attorney. Since I'm not afraid to work hard, they will in turn have to work just as hard. This often translates to a very favorable plea deal which I can negotiate on your behalf.

A Leader In Atlanta Criminal Defense

For over 20 years, I have dedicated myself to protecting the rights of those who have been criminally accused. I always pride myself on fighting the charges that have been imposed on my client with aggressiveness and effectiveness. I have dedicated my career to ensuring my clients have the best options at their disposal, and an intimate knowledge of Georgia criminal law gives me an opportunity to do this. My tenacity in the court room lets the prosecution know that we are not scared of them and we will do whatever it takes to ensure you receive a favorable outcome. When you retain a hard working Atlanta criminal lawyer who is willing to defend your case, it turns the tables in your favor.

I have always had the belief that criminal lawyers are the cornerstone of the criminal justice system. People accused of criminal acts often have a lot on the line, including their family, business, job, reputation and quality of life, and people in this position need help. A false allegation, inaccurate or botched forensic evidence, perjured testimony, mistaken identification and prosecutorial misconduct, or suppression of crucial favorable evidence can get someone who is innocent wrongfully convicted. The abundance of DNA exonerations in recent years are proof that this is a tragic reality in the criminal justice system. As a top tier Atlanta criminal defense lawyer, I am dedicated to ensuring this tragic form of justice is not inflicted upon my clients.

We will offer you the individual attention and personal touch of a high end boutique criminal defense firm in addition, if necessary, to providing significant contacts throughout the state and country to assemble a formidable criminal defense that any government prosecutor would have to respect. State and federal prosecutors have unlimited resources available at their disposal for prosecution. When you have an Atlanta criminal attorney who outsmarts the prosecution and outworks them at the same time, you have tapped into the only way to beat an overzealous prosecution.

If you need to contact us, our office is accessible to you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If you call our office we will get an appointment scheduled immediately so we can meet face to face and begin to prepare a legal defense for you. If you have been arrested in Atlanta it is important to begin planning your legal strategy right away. With the help of an experienced Atlanta criminal defense attorney, you can fight the charges and make the absolute best out of a bad situation.

Please Call : 770-234-9744


Attorney Profile

Jeffrey P. Manciagli

Born in Hartford, Connecticut, Jeff Manciagli spent the majority of his first 18 years overseas, before returning to the United States for college.

Mr. Manciagli first attended Rice University in Houston, Texas, where he received his undergraduate degree. After graduating from Rice, he attended law school at Emory University School of Law in Atlanta and earned his law degree. While he attended law school, Mr. Manciagli served on the Editorial Boards of the Bankruptcy Developments Journal and the Journal of International Dispute Resolution.

After receiving his law degree, he continued his studies and attended the Free University of Brussels in Belgium, earning a master's degree in International and Comparative Law.

Before starting his private practice, Mr. Manciagli served the U.S. Court of International Trade as a Law Clerk, and then worked as a Staff Attorney at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta.

For nearly 20 years Mr. Manciagli has built a law practice devoted to defending narcotics trafficking cases, as well as other serious felony charges, in State courts throughout Georgia and Federal courts throughout the United States.

Jeff Manciagli has taken on hundreds of felony cases, protected his clients rights, and demonstrated a proven track record of success.


  • State Bar of Georgia
  • District of Columbia Bar
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers


  • Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia
  • U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia
  • U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia
  • U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas



Q: When Should You Contact A Criminal Defense Attorney?

A: You should contact a criminal lawyer immediately if you are arrested for an offense or if there are clear signs you are under investigation for criminal activity. Even during the investigation phase, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure your rights are protected.

Q: Why Do You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney?

A: A criminal defense attorney can ensure your rights are protected, evaluate the charges being filed against you, plan a legal defense, and effectively negotiate on your behalf with prosecutors and judges. Your attorney might be able to uncover evidence that could motivate the opposition to withdraw the charges against you. The earlier you retain a lawyer's services the better off you will be. Early involvement will allow your attorney adequate time to uncover evidence to support your case, and also to guide you in your actions to avoid further problems and create a positive image.

If charges are filed against you, your criminal attorney can thoroughly evaluate your case and determine if going to trial is to your advantage. If a trial is advantageous, your lawyer can utilize their expertise and knowledge to out do the prosecution and fight the case when a not guilty verdict is likely. If a trial is not in your best interest, a good criminal attorney can stonewall the prosecution and draw out the case for months and sometimes years. A good criminal attorney is an expert at negotiation and can obtain a very favorable plea deal when the negotiation is handled properly.

Q: Should You Speak With The Police?

A: Absolutely not! Never. Do not talk to them, even if they ask you what appear to be non related questions. Never sign anything or make any kind of statement. When you are being accused of a serious crime, it is human nature to want to defend yourself and give your side of the story. Never do this! Some detectives and law enforcement officials will say or do almost anything to attempt to trick you into giving them a statement. Some will rely on scare tactics and intimidation to shake you up. They will lie when it is to their advantage and do whatever is necessary to get you to confess to something. Their objective is to build a solid case against you to deliver to the prosecution in hopes of getting a conviction. Any potential statement you provide, even if it is in defense of yourself and denying the charges against you, will be damaging and detrimental at trial. The only words you should ever say in this situation are, "I would like to speak with my lawyer."

Q: What Does Proving Guilt "Beyond A Reasonable Doubt" Mean?

A: It is the prosecution's job to convince the judge or jury that your guilt has been proven "beyond a reasonable doubt". The good news is that this is not an easy criteria to meet. A judge or the jury (either can decide the verdict in different scenarios) must have no doubt whatsoever about the prosecution's case in proving the defendant's guilt. A good criminal defense attorney is an expert at creating reasonable doubt. There is a very high standard placed on the prosecution in a criminal case. When you have an aggressive criminal defense lawyer disputing their evidence and creating reasonable doubt whenever and however possible, your chances at a favorable outcome improve exponentially.

Q: Am I Guaranteed A Jury Trial If I Am Charged With A Crime?

A: Yes. The United States Constitution states that any person accused of a crime has the right to a trial in front of a jury of their peers. When the 12 person jury is unable to unanimously make a decision to find a defendant guilty or not guilty, a hung jury takes place. Unless the district attorney chooses to retry the case, the defendant will go free. In most cases the prosecution will not opt to try again, unless the case is high profile or they feel truly offended by the crime. Needless to say, the jury selection is crucial in your criminal defense. The jury members are selected in a process where the judge, the prosecution, and the defense attorney attempt to screen anyone that shows bias or is unfit for jury duty. A good criminal defense attorney is far superior to the prosecution in regards to jury selection. This will prove to be an advantage to your criminal trial, and can sometimes be the key to victory.

Criminal Defense


An arrest for a crime in the Atlanta area will require an aggressive and formidable Atlanta criminal defense to achieve a desirable outcome. The prosecution will take a maximum sentence if they can get it, and without legal representation they just might. The ability to protect your rights in court with a criminal defense attorney is one of the cornerstones of the criminal justice system.

When you are arrested for a crime, the anxiety and stress that facing criminal charges can bring are often overwhelming. The arrest and interrogation process is full of intimidation and fear and your rights are not always accounted for. When you find yourself in this dilemma you need a criminal defense law firm to ensure your rights are protected and you don't make any of the crucial errors that the prosecution is hoping for.

When I take on a new case, I understand the turmoil your life is experiencing. My goal as your criminal defense lawyer is to obtain the type of results that you might have considered unattainable. I will thoroughly investigate all discovery evidence in your case and seek out any inconsistencies in the evidence against you. I will also uncover any evidence of your rights being violated during the arrest process or any evidence that disputes the prosecution's case. There are many ways a great Atlanta criminal defense can discredit the prosecution's case.

As a defense lawyer, I understand that when you consult with me you may feel embarrassed or ashamed of the crime you are accused of. It is important that you know that I will never judge you or your actions and that all I am interested in is providing you the best possible outcome in your criminal case. I will listen to your needs and what is important to you. My job as an attorney is to help ensure your Constitutional rights are protected and that you are provided the best possible defense strategy to fight your case.

It is always best to obtain representation from the earliest stage and hit the ground running. Waiting a few weeks or a month to retain a lawyer will result in missing a few weeks or a month of litigating on your behalf, scrutinizing the case they have built against you, and making your case look undesirable to prosecute. The longer you wait to retain legal counsel, the more of an advantage you are providing to the opposition -- the prosecuting attorney. When you retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney you can level the playing field, and in some cases you can stack the odds in your favor. With a heavy case load that is always growing, a prosecutor needs to choose their battles wisely.

When I am advocating on your behalf, I understand that regardless of the criminal charges you are facing, that the stakes are high for my clients. A conviction can have detrimental effects on a person's life -- impacting career prospects, living situations, family and personal relationships and personal goals you might have. As your attorney I will navigate you through the criminal justice system and represent you throughout all stages of the litigation process. If you are arrested in Cobb, Clayton, Fulton, Gwinnett or Dekalb county, be sure to take advantage of my representation in which an aggressive Atlanta criminal defense will be implemented.

Atlanta GA Criminal Defense Attorney

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