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Steven R. Levy Attorneys at Law
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Steven R. Levy Attorneys at Law
Dennis J. Twichel

3700 Pacific Highway East
Suite 406
Fife WA 98424
(253) 926-1494

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Steven R. Levy Attorneys at Law

Please CALL 253-926-1494

DO NOT FORGET you have these legal rights if arrested for driving under the influence:


  • I will provide my driver's license, registration and proof of insurance.
  • I will sign a citation, if any, then I want to leave immediately.
  • I will not answer any questions without my attorney present.
  • I do not have to do "Field Sobriety Tests" and I refuse to do them.
  • I do not consent to and do not want to be recorded.
  • I do not consent to my person, car or other property being searched.
  • If I am arrested I want an attorney now.  I do not waive my legal rights.
  • If you want me to take a breath or blood test, I want to talk in private to my attorney first (by phone is ok).
  • If my attorney cannot be reached I want to talk with privacy to a public defender or some other attorney.
  • I will Submit to a breath or blood test.  If I am requested to take a breath or blood test I also want an additional legal blood test.
  • If I am not under arrest, I want to leave.  Please tell me so I may lock my car and walk away.  Thank You.

Please CALL 253-926-1494

Fife WA Criminal Defense Attorney

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