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Law Office of Jamie Balagia
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Law Office of Jamie Balagia
Jamie Balagia

P.O. Box 360
Manor TX 78653
(512) 278-0935

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Alt. Phone: 210-DWI-DUDE
Fax: (512) 278-0981

Law Office of Jamie Balagia

CALL 512-278-0935

The LAW OFFICE OF JAMIE BALAGIA is a firm devoted to providing DWI defense and quality representation for all criminal cases.  Jamie Balagia is NHTSA trained and qualified as an SFST (Standardized Field Sobriety Test) Practitioner and Instructor. 

In addition, he has completed the Drug Recognition Expert School and is a former undercover vice officer with the Austin Police Department.  Jamie Balagia has also completed the Intoxilyzer 5000 Course as an Operator on the Breathalyzer Machine and is a member of the National College for DUI Defense.  His experience and continuing scientific education and training is vital to your DWI or criminal defense.


10 Ways To Discredit

Field Sobriety Tests

  1. Field Sobriety Tests Are Not Scientific
  2. The Officer Was Not Properly Trained
  3. The Officer Did Not Use Standardized NHTSA Tests
  4. The Officer Did Not Properly Instruct You On How To Perform Tests
  5. The Officer Did Not Use Objective Standardized Scoring Criteria
  6. The Officer Had You Perform The Tests Under Improper Conditions
  7. Your Age Or Weight Make You An Improper Candidate For Tests
  8. You Have A Physical Disability That Makes You An Improper Candidate For These Tests
  9. You Have A Psychological Condition That Makes You An Improper Candidate For The Tests
  10. The Officer Lied About Your Performance On The Tests

CALL 512-278-0935

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