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Weiss & Associates, PC
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Weiss & Associates, PC
Matthew Weiss

419 Park Avenue So
New York NY 10016
(212) 683-7373

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Weiss & Associates, PC

Getting a New York speeding ticket or traffic ticket is never fun, but contesting it does not have to be complicated. In fact, our goal is to making fighting it as easy as possible.

Reduce the hassle and stress associated with fighting a New York traffic ticket. Our staff will explain in plain English the process and will be honest about your prospects. Eliminate the need to wait on a DMV line or waste time in traffic court ... hire us instead. At the end of the day, you'll see it's no big deal!

Please Call: 212-683-7373

Should your case need to go to court, a New York traffic lawyer will vigorously defend you anywhere in New York State, including at the NYC Traffic Violations Bureau. Whether it is a speeding ticket, red light ticket, license suspension or any other NYS moving violation, you do not have to be inconvenienced. Let a New York traffic attorney appear on your behalf instead and make the whole experience no big deal. Our flat fee means no surprises for you and our experienced team of New York traffic lawyers really know how to fight your New York traffic ticket.

Read how Weiss & Associates, PC has helped motorists, such as yourself, or click here now for a free consultation, or just call us at 888 RED LIGHT® (or 888-733-5444).  Or stop by our Manhattan office at 419 Park Avenue So, 2nd Floor, NY, NY 10016.

Please Call: 212-683-7373

Please Call: 212-683-7373

About Weiss & Associates

About Weiss & Associates, PC

We are one of the premier New York law firms handling vehicle and traffic law matters throughout New York State. As you will read, our staff has worked here a long time as they love what they do and love making people's legal problems as simple as possible. Our dedicated team of attorneys and staff are 100% focused on vigorously defending motorists who receive summonses for any type of moving or truck violation. So whether it is a speeding ticket in the Catskills, running a red light in Manhattan, or disobeying a stop sign in Southampton, we can help you. It's no big deal! Read the section below to learn more about some of our team members.


Matthew J. Weiss, Esq.
mattmsnbc.jpgMatthew J. Weiss, Esq. graduated Hofstra Law School in 1984. He was Law Review and won the law school's prestigious Procedure Award. Upon graduation, he became one of the first Hofstra Law School graduates to work at the New York State Court of Appeals (New York State's highest court) working on various appellate matters.

Mr. Weiss then worked for two years at Rivkin, Radler, Bayh, Hart & Kremer, a 200-plus attorney law firm, representing various clients, such as municipalities, insurance companies and large corporations, in various litigation matters. He also continued to do substantial appellate work.

In 1991, Mr. Weiss co-founded his private law practice eventually buying out his former partner in 2000. Through the years, Weiss & Associates, PC has successfully resolved 1,000s of traffic tickets and trucking tickets for its clients by way of dismissal or plea bargain. Mr. Weiss has written many articles on vehicle and traffic law, and lectures other lawyers on this subject.  His blog "Confessions Of A Traffic Lawyer" regularly discussions various vehicle and traffic law issues.



Rosemarie Colon-Miles
Rosemarie Colon-MilesRosemarie Colon-Miles graduated from Columbia University in 1995. While an undergrad, she began working part-time for our predecessor firm, Elman & Weiss, P.C., contacting automobile insurance companies and filing property damage claims on our clients' behalf. Upon graduation, she obtained a full-time position with our firm as a Legal Assistant and assists the attorney and clients in the personal injury cases and real estate transactions. In 2000, she was promoted to manager of the office and staff. Presently, she holds the title of Executive Administrator and Senior Legal Assistant for Weiss & Associates, P.C., as she administers the office policy, benefits and human resource issues that arise, assists the attorneys with discovery and preparation of litigation cases, and responds to clients' inquiries as needed.



John Hermanowski

John HermanowskiJohn Mark Hermanowski attended the State University of New York at Stony Brook where he earned a B.S. degree in biochemistry, and he attended Brooklyn Law School where he earned his J.D. degree in 2005. Mr. Hermanowski is admitted to the New York State Bar and is registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He joined Weiss & Associates, P.C. in 2004 as a legal intern and upon his graduation from law school remained on as a full-time attorney and currently assists in all litigation and transactional work.



Jennifer Ortiz

Jennifer OrtizJennifer L. Ortiz loves to help people and always with a smile. She graduated from Berkeley College in 1999 and, then, began working in the legal industry for one of our of-counsel attorneys. In 2001, she began working for our firm and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in all types of vehicle and traffic law issues. Ms. Ortiz works on all Traffic Violation Bureau matters in the firm including scheduling, coverage and dispositions. Also, if you come visit us, she often is the first to greet you and answer your questions.


Giselle Dragon

Giselle DragonGiselle Dragon began working for Weiss & Associates, P.C. in 2003 while completing her studies at Interboro College. She really enjoys helping people and making their legal problems as simple as possible. Giselle can answer almost any traffic question you pose and seamless integrates our clients into our database. She also works with DMV in Albany to quickly clear license suspensions and obtain driver history information.


Xiomarra Sierra
Ximarra SierraXiomarra Sierra left our office after years of service and, then, after experiencing life outside one of the best law firms in the world, she asked to return in early 2007. We are pleased to have her back and she hasn't missed a beat. "Mayra" works our non-TVB cases and is only satisfied when we obtain GREAT results.


New York Traffic Ticket Services at

We can help you with any vehicle and traffic law matter in New York State (including traffic tickets, truck tickets, DWIs, suspensions and automobile accidents). No matter what service, our goal is always to make your legal problem easy and simple.

Benefits of Fighting Your Traffic Ticket

By fighting your ticket, you hopefully can save points, minimize fines and other fees, avoid a suspension or revocation and keep your automobile insurance rates from rising.

Free Consultation

A representative from our office will analyze your ticket for no charge. He or she will explain to you what we can do for you, how long it will take, what it will cost and answer any other question you may have. Just fax the front of the ticket(s) with your telephone number to 212-726-0135, and it is our pleasure to call you. Or just call 888-Red Light (888-733-5444).

Anywhere in New York State

From the Hamptons to Buffalo to anywhere in between, we handle any type of traffic or truck ticket. Since 1991 we have defended motorists and truck drivers from all types of traffic tickets issued throughout New York State.

Stay home while we fight

Most of our clients do not want to kill half a day traveling to and attending traffic court. We take over that responsibility so you do not miss valuable time from work, home or play.

One Flat fee

You will pay one flat fee for our representation and we will handle everything. From entry of a plea, rescheduling your case, conducting the trial or conference and, if necessary, delivering your fine payment. You'll have an experienced New York traffic attorney on your side and never get a bill for "extras".


New York Traffic Ticket FAQ at

Below are the answers to some frequently asked traffic law questions.


Why should I hire your firm?

If you want the process of fighting your ticket easy and un-complicated, then we're the right law firm for you.  All of our  values re-enforce our goal of simplification.  We patiently explain in plain English, follow through with our commitments, promptly respond to inquiries, and (most importantly) are honest with you (even with bad news). See our values for further information as to why we are in business, which we take very seriously.


Do I have to appear in court?

No. In the vast majority of the time, we can fight your case without you appearing in court and without you wasting time from your busy schedule. As we said, our goal is to make fighting your case as simple as possible.



How can our traffic lawyers help you?

Our New York traffic lawyers understand the types of proof required by the People, appear regularly before many of the traffic judges and understand their practices and tendencies, are skilled questioners, appreciate the types of defenses which are worth advancing and conscientiously and consistently do their very best to obtain a favorable result.


Why shouldn't I just plead guilty?

To avoid points, fines and surcharges, to keep your insurance rates low, and to preserve your privilege to drive. Also, to save or reduce the extra fee imposed by New York DMV for drivers with 6 or more points.

Should I fight my case if I really am guilty?

Yes. You should always fight your ticket because the People must prove its case against you (not the other way around) and you may remain silent. Many times we win cases because the People cannot meet its burden. Other times we work out favorable deals. So while we cannot guarantee success, why not "go down swinging"?


What if I do not answer my ticket?

You will be suspended and possibly found guilty by default. Also, a $35 suspension termination fee will be imposed which must be paid (in addition to any fine or surcharge) in order to restore your driving privileges. Note: Even one suspension on your record can adversely affect your automobile insurance premiums.

Will a trial be required?

For tickets issued in New York City, western Suffolk County, Rochester and Buffalo, a trial or hearing is always required if you fight your NY traffic ticket. In traffic courts in these areas, it is "all or nothing" and therefore you really need a NY traffic lawyer. Most other places allow for plea bargaining or deals, and usually we arrange for a great deal for our clients in such courts and the client does not even have to appear in court with us.


How long do the points last on my record?

Points last for 18 months from the date of offense. But insurance companies can use a conviction to raise your rates for up to 36 months from the date of conviction.

How do I know if I have too many points?

For each conviction, add up the number of points for 18 months before the date of offense and 18 months after the date of offense. You are generally allowed up to 10 points within either 18-month period.


What is a bond and how does it work? 

At the Traffic Violations Bureau, you are sometimes required to post a bond in order to secure a date or a new date.  This occurs if you are late in answering or if have asked for a date previously.  The bond is refunded if you win the case.  If you lose the case, then the $40 bond amount is credited towards the fine.  The only way you lose with a bond is if you fail to appear in which case is will be forfeited. For a copy of the bond refund form, click here.


How can I reduce points?

Take the NYS DMV-approved New York Defensive Driving Program. After you complete this program, you will get 4 points off of your driving record and get a 10% savings on your automobile insurance. We recommend the Improv Traffic School as one of best NY DMV-approved, point-reduction class.  And the best part is that this class can be all done online for less than an in-person class.  Click the banner to the right to enroll in Improv's online class.  As an added bonus, feel free to use our firm's discount code"redlight" as our way of thanking you for visiting our site.


Created by the World Famous Improve Comedy, Club, they provide a convenient, fun and cost-effective defensive driving class.  Based on the simple notion that defensive driving course do not have to be dry and boring, they offer a fun, fast and inexpensive way to complete your driver safety class.  For more information on point and insurance reduction, click the banner to the right

How often can I take the NYS Drivers Safety program?

Once every 18 months.  Whether you take it online with the Improv or in person anywhere else, you can take this class only once every 18 months.

Do points or convictions transfer from other states or provinces?

Except for Ontario and Quebec Provinces in Canada, points from convictions in another state or province will not transfer to your New York State driver's license. Suspensions and revocations, as well as alcohol and drug-related driving convictions, from another state will transfer, however.

Can we help professional drivers?

Definitely. In fact, many clients are professional drivers. Note: Tickets issued while driving a private car can adversely affect a CDL or TLC license.

What is the Driver Responsibility Assessment Program (DRAP)?

Starting November 2004, DMV penalizes drivers for three years when they accumulate 6 or more points within an 18 month period or are convicted of an alcohol or drug related offense. The defensive driving class will not avoid the DRAP.

What is the DRAP penalty?

Motorists with an alcohol or drug-related offense must pay $250/year for three years, and motorists with 6 (or more) points within 18 months must pay $100/year for three years for 6 points plus $25/year for three years for each additional point.

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