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Austin Law Associates, PC
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Austin Law Associates, PC
Stuart Austin

170 Old Country Rd, Suite 610
Mineola NY 11501
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Austin Law Associates, PC

Please Call: 516-858-0075

Austin Law Associates, P.C. is a full service criminal defense law firm with over 25 years of legal experience focusing on Long Island.
Whether your issue involves:

  • Drug Possession       
  • Sex Crimes
  • Shoplifting
  • DWI
  • Weapons Possession
  • White Collar Crimes

our attorneys will focus on explaining your options, building your defense and helping you through this difficult time.

Call us any time to arrange for a no-cost, no-pressure consultation at

Please Call: 516-858-0075

Criminal Defense

NOT GUILTY                        GUILTY                      INNOCENT

When used in conjunction with a criminal case these terms have special meanings.  Make sure you know the difference between Not Guilty and Innocent.  A person who has done something wrong must be legally proven to be Guilty or will be deemed Not Guilty.

Many criminal cases need special expertise because of the legal issues involved in a trial.  More often a skilled criminal practitioner can significantly reduce the charges so that a trial is unnecessary

Did you know…

  • In 2004 there were 519,590 arrests in New YorkState; 105,429 resulted in some term of incarceration (NYS division of criminal justice services)
  • That a misdemeanor conviction can never be sealed (other than youthful offender status)
  • That simple marijuana possession can affect your financial aid status
  • That persons with criminal records may be denied entry to or visa for foreign countries (civil action project ©2006)

A person who is arraigned is read a set of constitutional (Legal) rights by the court. 

  • Make sure you remember them!
  • Make sure you understand them!


  • What are the ramifications of a criminal conviction?
  • Can you apply for a certificate of relief from civil disability?
  • If the Judge ordered bail, should a 170.70 application be made?
  • What hearings are you entitled to?
  • Have you been given all the paperwork and police information you are entitled to?
  • When should a supplemental demand for information be made? 
  • Will a conviction result in points on your license?
  • Could a conviction raise your insurance rates?

You need to know your rights immediately.  You need someone to protect them. The longer you wait, the greater chance evidence will disappear, or memories will fade or plea bargains will be lost.


DWI Defense

Doctors, Teachers, Realtors, Carpenters, no one is immune to being charged with a DWI.  It doesn't matter your education level, zip code or status, everyone is equal under the DWI law.

What can change the outcome of your arrest is the attorney you choose to represent you.


v      The Loss of Your Car
v  A
Criminal Conviction for the Rest of Your Life

v      Mandatory Loss of Your Driver's License without the Ability to Obtain a Conditional License

v      Mandatory Interlock system for your car

v      Mandatory Fines and Surcharges

v      Mandatory Attendance at an Alcohol Treatment Program

v      Increase in Insurance Premiums

v      JAIL

v      Mandatory $250 fee to the Department of Motor Vehicles for 3 years.

v      Problems with your credit rating



v      Did you know that the scientific principle that the machine relies on for accuracy has been called into question by the scientific community, which means your reading might be artificially high.
v      Did you know that a fever could lead to a false high reading?
v      Did you know that a person's breathing pattern can lead to a false high reading?
v      Did you know that studies have shown that if you are exposed to certain chemicals or solvents this could lead to a false high reading?
v      Did you know there are many other circumstances which could have given you a false high reading?



We know all these things and we know how to help you build your case.

Call us at 516-858-0075 for a free consulation.

Want to learn more about the collateral consequences of DWI, see what we have to say in Sari Zeidler's article,
DWI, an unforgivable crime?.

Traffic Violations


Being arrested for a traffic violation may seem scary to some people.  To others it may seem minor or humiliating.  However it makes you feel, it doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to result in a loss of your license or driving privileges or in a rise in your insurance rates.

If you have been arrested for driving with a suspended license, you may be eligible to get your driving privileges reinstated immediately…even before your next court date.

The attorneys associated with Austin Law Associates, P.C. have handled many thousands of tickets and driving related offenses.  An experienced attorney can determine the best course of action for your specific case.  A negotiated plea deal can save points on your license or result in lower fines.  The infraction may not even affect your insurance rates.

Driving with a suspended license or privileges under Vehicle and Traffic Law section 511.1 or 511.2 is a criminal offense.  It is a misdemeanor and punishable by either jail time or probation.  It could also result in hefty fines.  If your license was suspended for failure to pay previous traffic tickets, you may be able to plead those underlying tickets down to infractions which will not place points on your license or result in your insurance rates being raised.

An attorney from Austin Law Associates, P.C. can often appear in traffic court on your behalf so that you don’t miss time at work or school.  With our intimate knowledge of the Nassau County and local village courts, we can also guide you if you wish to appear on your own. 

Call our offices at 516-858-0075 to learn how we can help you.

Mineola NY Criminal Defense Attorney

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