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Mace J. Yampolsky Ltd
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Mace J. Yampolsky Ltd
Mace Yampolsky

625 South Sixth St.
Las Vegas NV 89101
(702) 487-4762

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Mace J. Yampolsky Ltd


Defending Your Rights Against Criminal Charges

These days, it seems like the legal system has a tendency to treat a person's rights more like guidelines. The desire to make an arrest or close a case might make investigators or other law enforcement officials overstep their authority in order to get the evidence they need for a conviction.

In cases like these, there needs to be a voice for the people whose futures and lives are on the line. When the legal system is prepared to mobilize every resource at its disposal against you, you have the right to aggressive representation and a comprehensive defense. If you have been charged with a crime, make sure you hire an experienced attorney who will defend your rights above all else.

Aggressive, Experienced Representation

At the Las Vegas law firm of Mace Yampolsky & Associates, I offer my clients more than 25 years of experience in the practice of criminal law. I dedicate my entire practice to criminal defense, focusing on defending my clients against charges of:

I have earned the distinction of being named a Certified Criminal Specialist by the State Bar of Nevada. I also enjoy an AV peer rating* through Martindale-Hubbell, their highest possible rating.

When you hire me as your lawyer, you will not find a stronger advocate. With every case I take, I will zealously defend you in a quest for a favorable outcome. I approach every case with the goal of beating the charges against you, keeping your record clean and preserving your freedom. I know the law and I know your rights. I will pursue every possible avenue in search of a favorable outcome in your case.

Have you been arrested for a DUI or DWI?
DUI cases are our specialty! You will be amazed at what your rights are, and if they have been violated, what your recourse may be. Mace is a wiz at drunk driving cases, and has defended many clients in his on-going effort to protect the rights of the accused!

Curriculum Vitae

Mace J. Yampolsky
625 South Sixth Street
Las Vegas, NV.  89101
CALL 702-487-4762

Professional Status:

     Admitted to
California State Bar, February, 1981
     Admitted to
Massachusetts State Bar, July, 1982 (inactive)
     Admitted to
Nevada State Bar, October, 1984
     Admitted to
Colorado State Bar, January, 1994
     Admitted to Washington, D.C. Bar, July, 1999



    MACE J. YAMPOLSKY, LTD. - 1986 to present.  
    Owner/President.  Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, and Family      Law.

CALL 702-487-4762 

Criminal Defense

Criminal Law Answers...


1.  You are contacted by the police and under suspicion of having committed a crime, or have been arrested, what should you do?  

You need a lawyer!!! When the police contact you or place you under arrest, the "system" is moving against you to convict you of the crime in question.  The police and other law enforcement agencies (FBI, ATF, etc.) only investigate the case from the prosecution side to convict you.  They are not interested in your defense, I am!!!

 I know how to protect you from the police.  By investigating "your side" of the case, I may be able to prevent the filing of a complaint.  This will save you time and unnecessary legal expenses.

2.  Every citizen has the constitutional right to remain silent when confronted by law enforcement officers. Should you talk to the police?

Remember, that when you have been arrested or are under suspicion of committing a crime, the police, who are trained experts in extracting information, will attempt to get you to make a statement that may, and probably will, incriminate you.  During a custodial interrogation (when you feel that you can not leave) you are supposed to be given the following Miranda Rights:

"You have a right to remain silent.  Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.  If you can not hire an attorney, one will be appointed free of charge to represent you."

You may think that if you tell your side of the story, you'll be set free.  This seldom, if ever, happens!  Don't talk to the police or you will convict yourself!!!

Always keep in mind that you may tell the police the truth, but they may write what they want, or omit information that will help you.

The police and/or the prosecutor may not comment on, or use against you, your decision to invoke your constitutional right to remain silent. CALL 800-KICK DUI

Contact Mace

The Mace Building
625 S. 6th Street
Las Vegas, NV. 89101



Attorney Fees


Fees and Payment Policies: Reasonable flat fees and hourly rates.

When we talk, I'll also tell you about my fees. I understand that the cost of an attorney is an expense that you weren't planning on. So I offer fees at a flat rate to assist you with your budgeting. You may also pay me by the hour.

Of course I accept cash or checks. But you might be interested to know that for your convenience, I'll also gladly accept payment by credit card.

In any case, the initial phone consultation with me is free, so there is no risk on your part-and you will learn just what your rights and options are. When we are finished, if you're not convinced that I will be able to protect you to your complete satisfaction, then you can simply decide not to hire me. I won't trouble you again . . . and you'll owe me nothing.

Some individuals do try to defend themselves without legal assistance, but this is usually risky because the penalties can be harsh. Good legal representation can decrease many of these concerns.

You can discover for yourself how I can help save your license and freedom by calling me at 702-385-9777. If you are not in the Las Vegas area please call toll free CALL 800-KICK DUIfor your free consultation.

Mace J. Yampolsky

Mace J. Yampolsky, Esquire

A seasoned trial attorney since 1981, Mr. Yampolsky has tried virtually every type of serious criminal matter, including numerous murder cases. Some of Mr. Yampolsky's many successes include: obtaining three murder acquittals; a dismissal of a capital murder case on a procedural issue; an acquittal in the nationally recognized "Computer Gang" case; and successfully arguing before the United States Supreme Court in Nevada v. Riggins (1992), a death penalty case. In that case, Riggins' conviction was reversed and remanded for a new trial. Mr. Yampolsky literally saved the life of his client, David Riggins. The Case of the Rockabilly Shootings is another very high profile matter that was handled by Mr. Yampolsky. The murder case was dubbed by the media as the "Rockabilly Shootings." Mr. Yampolsky's client was accused of killing someone who had tried to kill him. The victim was a gang member and Mr. Yampolsky's client stated that the victim was known to have a gun on him. Mr. Yampolsky's defense was clearly one of self-defense. After much investigation, Mr. Yampolsky found the car that was driven by one of the decedents cohorts. It had two bullet holes which supported the defense theory that the decedent had a gun and that his client had in fact fired in self defense. Jury verdict: Not Guilty.

Federal Fraud. Another high profile case Mr. Yampolsky handled was a Federal matter with 13 co-defendants and 541 counts involving the use of computers and inside knowledge to wager large sums of money to their advantage. The end result was a Not Guilty verdict for each of the thirteen co-defendants on all 541 counts.

Additional cases. Recently Mr. Yampolsky handled a murder case on behalf of a friend's nephew. The shooting was a result of a drug deal that went very badly. His client, Chris, had a full plate indeed. One victim was shot three times (by Chris) and died, another victim was shot and killed by Chris in a struggle, and Chris himself was shot. Wisely, Chris elected not to speak with the police after he was arrested. Certainly applicable in this case, Mr. Yampolsky's contention was that he needed a theory of the case in order to win. Merely relying on reasonable doubt or on the prosecution not meeting their burden of proof may not be enough to win. Mr. Yampolsky believes you need to give the jury "something to hang their hat on."

It became apparent to Mr. Yampolsky quite early in the case that this would be argued as self-defense. Mr. Yampolsky immediately retained the services of an investigator, who interviewed several witnesses within days, including the soon-to-be co-defendant. The statements of the witnesses proved invaluable as the case progressed. Mr. Yampolsky believes that a thorough investigation is quite often the key to a good result, and of course having the right investigator. Based in large part on the testimony of Mr. Yampolsky's client and the State's first witness, it became clear that there had been a struggle for the gun that had actually killed the decedent, which supported the defense theory of an accidental killing.

During final argument, Mr. Yampolsky often pulled out the murder weapon and asked the jury, "What would you do if this gun was pointed at you?". Mr. Yampolsky showed the jury the self-defense instruction that said if there was evidence of self-defense presented, then the State must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that self-defense in this case did not exist. To illustrate this point, he enlarged this jury instruction to poster size and circled "must." Mr. Yampolsky further enlarged an accidental killing instruction that said, if you have a doubt whether this killing was intentional or accidental, then you shall (also circled) find the Defendant not guilty. The jury deliberated 6 hours and found Mr. Yampolsky's client Not Guilty on all counts. Chris was looking at consecutive life sentences if convicted.

Mr. Yampolsky is AV rated by Martindale Hubbell, the highest rating available to any attorney. This rating is obtained by an independent rating of lawyers and judges who are familiar with his representation of clients'. Less than 7% of all law firms in the Untied States are accorded this honor. Mr. Yampolsky is past President of the Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice.

Mr. Yampolsky graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law in 1980 and Boston University in 1976. He was admitted to California State Bar in 1981, admitted to Nevada State Bar in October of 1984, admitted to Colorado State Bar in 1994, admitted to Washington D.C. State Bar in 1999, admitted to Massachusetts State Bar in 1982 (currently inactive).

Memberships and Organizations: National Board of Trial advocacy; Certified Criminal Trial Advocate; State Bar of Nevada Criminal Law Specialist; State Bar of Nevada (Chairman, 1995-1997); Continuing Legal Education Committee; American Association for Justice; Nevada Trial Lawyers Association; National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers; Life Member of Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice, Founding Member, Board Member/Secretary 1997-1998, Vice President 1998-1999, President 1999-2000, and currently a Director.

Areas of Practice

  • Criminal Law
  • Traffic Violations
  • White Collar Crimes

Litigation Percentage

  • 95% of Practice Devoted to Litigation

Certified Legal Specialties

  • Certified Criminal Specialist, State Bar of Nevada
  • Certified Criminal Trial Advocate, National Board of Trial Advocacy
  • National College of DUI Defense

Bar Admissions

  • California, 1981
  • Colorado, 1994
  • District of Columbia, 1999
  • Nevada


  • University of San Diego School of Law, San Diego, California
    • J.D. - 1980
  • University of Santa Monica
    • M.A. - 1995
    • Major: Applied Psychology
  • Boston University
    • B.A. - 1976
    • Major: Political Science and Economics

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • State Bar of Nevada, Continuing Legal Education (CLE), Chairman, 1995 - 1997
  • CLE Committee, Member, 1991 - Present
  • CLE, Education Committee, Chairman (aka CLE Czar), 1995 - 1997
  • American Association for Justice, Member
  • Nevada Trial Lawyers Association, Member
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Life Member
  • Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice (NACJ), President, 1999 - 2000
  • Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice (NACJ), Vice President, 1998 - 1999
  • Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice (NACJ), Secretary, 1997 - 1998


When you hire a criminal defense attorney, you want to know that he or she has been there before and has what it takes to properly handle your case. You want somebody who has a comprehensive understanding of the law and can protect your rights above all else. There is a lot at stake in criminal cases. Be sure you have a strong ally in your corner.

Since 1981, the law firm of Mace Yampolsky & Associates has been defending the rights of clients throughout southern Nevada. From my offices in Las Vegas, I handle all types of criminal law cases from DUI litigation to criminal appeals. I believe that there is nothing more important than your rights and I will fight vigorously to see that they are protected.

The Right Experience for Your Case

I earned my bachelor's degree in political science and economics from Boston University and went on to law school at the University of San Diego School of Law where I received my law degree in 1981. In 1995, I received my master's degree in applied psychology from the University of Santa Monica. I am a regular contributor to the Las Vegas Tribune and the Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice quarterly newsletter.

I have been recognized by the State Bar of Nevada as a Certified Criminal Specialist and by the National Board of Trial Advocacy as a Certified Criminal Trial Advocate. I have also received an AV peer rating* under the Martindale-Hubbell peer review system. This is the highest possible rating available.

I am a skilled litigator and I am proud of my track record in cases that have gone to trial. I have considerable experience in criminal appeals and have successfully argued a death penalty case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

I am admitted to practice in Nevada state and federal courts as well as other jurisdictions including California, Colorado, and the District of Columbia.

Call for a Free Initial Consultation

Contact my office today to discuss your legal problems. I will give you an honest assessment of your case and let you know what I can do to help. I am available during regular business hours and can be reached 24/7 in the case of an emergency. Call 702-487-4762 or send me an email to schedule an appointment.

*CV, BV, and AV are registered certification marks of Reed Elsevier Properties Inc., used in accordance with the Martindale-Hubbell certification procedures, standards, and policies.

Martindale-Hubbell is the facilitator of a peer review rating process. Ratings reflect the confidential opinions of members of the Bar and the judiciary. Martindale - Hubbell ratings fall into two categories - legal ability and general ethical standards.

Practice Areas

Nevada DUI Charge Lawyer

  1. Will I be able to get my case dismissed because I was not read my rights?
    Probably not. But if you were interrogated after being placed in custody, your statements cannot be used against you.
  2. Will I go to jail?
    An experienced attorney may be able to keep you out.
  3. I had two alcohol offenses when I was younger. What will happen to my license if I have a third conviction?
    If you were convicted of 2 previous DUIs or your license was revoked twice before, your license will be revoked for three years, unless you can win the DMV haring.
  4. I have three DUIs within seven years, so what will become of my license?
    It will be automatically revoked for 3 years, and you are looking at a non-probationable felony conviction.
  5. How many hours of alcohol classes will I have to take?
    Plan on at least 8 hours of "DUI school," either 4 two hour or 1 eight hour session. If your BAC is 1.8 or higher, you may be required to obtain a BADA (Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Abuse) evaluation and further counseling (AA or NA), as ordered by the court. The higher your BAC, the more hours you will have to take.
  6. What will happen if I do not complete the classes or public service ordered by the Court?
    You will go to jail.
  7. I lost my Nevada license. May I obtain a license in another state?
    In most cases, no.
  8. If I obtain an international driver's license, may I drive in Nevada, even though my Nevada license is revoked?
  9. Am I a bad person, because I was arrested for DUI?
    No, but you are well advised to never, never smell like alcohol while behind the wheel. You do not need to feel humiliated.
  10. What if I burped within twenty minutes of blowing?
    The breath machine may have read alcohol from your stomach rather than you lungs. The result may be incorrect. A similar problem occurs with dentures.

Call me today at 702-487-4762 for your free consultation.

Las Vegas NV Criminal Defense Attorney

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