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Habitual Traffic Offender

A habitual traffic offender classification occurs as a result of being convicted of multiple traffic related offenses.  The amount of traffic related offenses to be classified as a habitual traffic offender vary from state to state.  Multiple offenses of moving violations, driving while license is suspended, DUI’s and DWI’s, and vehicular manslaughter are examples of traffic related offenses.

To convict someone as a habitual traffic offender, the elements which must be proved are: 1) the act of driving 2) a habitual traffic related offense 3) defendants knowledge of the habitual offense. 

The element which is the focus of the defense is usually the defendant’s knowledge of the habitual offense, such as knowingly driving while license is suspended.  A drivers lack of knowledge of license suspension (such as not getting the mail because the address changed), may be used as a defense to negotiate a lower penalty.

Penalties for habitual traffic offenses can be severe and vary according to the offenses, and the state in which the offenses occurred.  They can range from having your drivers license revoked for several years for some offenses.  Other habitual traffic offenses, such as DUI’s, are considered felonies and can lead to imprisonment in addition to having your license revoked after release from prison.  To find an attorney who can assist you in your defense of a habitual traffic offender conviction, please visit

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