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Bribery is a form of corruption, where bribes such as payments or other types of compensation are made to influence or gain profit from the person or company receiving them.

There are two forms of bribery, either to a public official or to a corporation. The general elements for both are 1) an agent/officer  2) with a corrupt intent; 3) without the consent of the entity (corporation/office) for whom they are acting 4) knowingly 5) solicits/accepts a bribe 4) to influence the conduct of their official capacity 7) in relation to the affairs of the client (one who provides the bribe).

It is important to note that the bribe does not have to be accepted, and a person can be charged with bribery for simply agreeing to accept a bribe.  For the crime of bribery, it is also important to note that there has to be some form of corrupt purpose which must be implied or expressed.

The crime of bribery may reach the felony level depending on the facts of the case, and is punishable by a fine or imprisonment, or both. However, charges are sometimes reduced in exchange for helping to convict accomplices. In a past case involving an officer’s corruption at Lockheed Martin in 1994, the defendant pled innocent to felony charges of bribery and conspiracy. Later, he pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of "indirectly" conspiring, as part of a plea agreement in which he agreed to testify against the corporation itself, which was also a defendant.  To find a lawyer who can assist you in the court of law against a charge of bribery, visit

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