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Criminal Confinement

Criminal confinement is described as substantially interfering with the liberty of another by confining them, or removing a person from one place to another, without their consent.  Criminal confinement is a felony which is divided into classes (Class D Felony, Class C Felony, Class B Felony), depending on the surrounding factors of the confinement.

Criminal Confinement occurs when a person knowing or intentionally confines another person without their consent, or when a person knowingly or intentionally removes another person, by fraud, enticement, force, or threat of force from one place to another.  Criminal confinement of this sort is a Class D felony.  If the confinement involves a child less than 14 years of age who is not the child of the offender, then it is a Class C felony.  If the confinement is committed while armed with a deadly weapon or results in serious bodily injury to another person, it is a Class B Felony. All three classes of felonies are punishable by imprisonment.

If a person has a mistaken, but reasonable belief that they may take another into custody, then this belief could be a possible defense to criminal confinement.  For example, officers who arrest a people in good faith, but without probable cause, may not be guilty of criminal confinement.  Consent may also serve as a defense in criminal confinement cases.  You can find a well-qualified criminal defense lawyer to assist you in defending a charge of criminal confinement at

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