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Prostitution is offering one’s sexual services (natural or unnatural) in exchange for money or any thing of value. The elements of prostitution are (1) exchanging sex or sexual activity (2) for money.


All states, except Nevada, prohibit prostitution and the solicitation thereof. Despite the fact that Nevada technically allows prostitution it also heavily regulates the industry and it has the most stringent laws and punishment for child prostitution in the country.


Most states’ laws also make it an offense to cause or aid a person to prostitute herself, to solicit clients for prostitution (to pimp a prostitute) or to operate a house or any “enterprise” for purposes of prostitution (to operate a bordello). 


Even though prostitution is covered mostly by state law federal law through the Mann Act makes it illegal to transport a person through state lines for the purposes of prostitution or other “immoral purpose.” This prohibition is derived from Congress’ s power to regulate interstate commerce. Crossing state lines with the intention of prostituting a person in another state is a separate federal offense by itself.


Possible penalties for prostitution include jail time, fine, probation and registering as a sex offender. Enhanced penalties are given to repeat offenders (even after the second time of being charged with prostitution).


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